Friday, December 12, 2008

Love Duet

For my first post, I would write about something other than clothes (because i know Mas do that better! ;P)

ever want something identical with your boyfie? couple T-shirt is so obvious, but some little things do look sweeter! look at this keychain from Lovely Promise

Lovely Promise has many other design for this couple key chain, but this is my favourite because this keychain has magnetic function on it, which sounds super cute like love never ends! Even you can have this earlier for the Valentine. the price is only RM29 per pair (not including postal charge). the last item was updated on December 4, so I think the items must still available by now. but if it doesn't, asking for a restock won't hurt! when there's demand, there's always supply!

If you're looking something for yourself, the brand Anna Sui is more to love. We always know how powerful (and expensive!) the brand Anna Sui is. However, LDR Collection offers you the Anna Sui merch with an irresistable price!

Girls and mirror are like twins. Won't you love to slip into your handbag and take this cute mirror out? either to wipe that oily skin or to show off that Anna Sui, it's up to you. This cost you only RM13 (not including the postal charge). I'm not sure whether this is the original from Anna Sui since the price is very cheap. But it imitates Anna Sui so much with the vintage design (who would know if this is fake or not. only you, darl!) It is pre-order items. So navigate to this site now for more Anna Sui merch!!!

till then Shoppers!!!

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