Friday, December 12, 2008

Love Duet

For my first post, I would write about something other than clothes (because i know Mas do that better! ;P)

ever want something identical with your boyfie? couple T-shirt is so obvious, but some little things do look sweeter! look at this keychain from Lovely Promise

Lovely Promise has many other design for this couple key chain, but this is my favourite because this keychain has magnetic function on it, which sounds super cute like love never ends! Even you can have this earlier for the Valentine. the price is only RM29 per pair (not including postal charge). the last item was updated on December 4, so I think the items must still available by now. but if it doesn't, asking for a restock won't hurt! when there's demand, there's always supply!

If you're looking something for yourself, the brand Anna Sui is more to love. We always know how powerful (and expensive!) the brand Anna Sui is. However, LDR Collection offers you the Anna Sui merch with an irresistable price!

Girls and mirror are like twins. Won't you love to slip into your handbag and take this cute mirror out? either to wipe that oily skin or to show off that Anna Sui, it's up to you. This cost you only RM13 (not including the postal charge). I'm not sure whether this is the original from Anna Sui since the price is very cheap. But it imitates Anna Sui so much with the vintage design (who would know if this is fake or not. only you, darl!) It is pre-order items. So navigate to this site now for more Anna Sui merch!!!

till then Shoppers!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Basic Instincts!

For my official first post on The BFF Project, I'm gonna feature some basics, the must-haves. Mostly in plain colours, these items can complete all the other funky and quirky items you might have in your closet. Best of all, they're also a fashion no-brainer ( here means easy-to-achieve style) with the right choice of accessories. I will also be featuring some funky basics that could spice up your whole outfit. Check these out! ;)

Xray Clutch - OhMyClothes

The thing I love about online shopping is that you can get your hands on items that you can't find in offline shops. I used to think that see-through bags are pointless, but nowadays, I revel in it. These X-ray clutches would be perfect to give a funky punch to your serious LBDs. They
would also serve their purpose on themed events where you could stuff almost everything into these large clutches and still look funky.

Glam Diva Jelly Clutch - PoppyGarden

Speaking of clutches, I fell in love with these simple clutches that would fit in almost every occassion. Whether it's late suppers with friends, or a classy formal event, these clutches would be your best companion. Another plus is the strap provided is detachable, so it can also
act as a wristlet ( with the strap ).These are among the items featured that I would actually buy ( excuse my fetish for bags and shoes ). Available in 3 colours - midnight red ( as in pic ) / midnight blue / cherry red.

Zipped Belt - OhMyClothes!

The clinched dress or big tees are so IN nowadays that these belts would be a hot item in any online shops. The zipped belt particularly attracted me in the first place because it gives a twist in the clinching trend. Plus, it's more comfy than the belts with buckles.

Basic Cardi - An Wardrobe

These short-sleeved cardi with a lowcut neck is perfect for office, to hide ( but not totally cover ) your fancy tees or tube tops for an evening partying with your BFFs. The best part is, it comes in 2 colours, fuchsia ( if you can't handle plain colours ) and dark brown ( much more interesting than black)

Cropped Crocheted Cardi - Dress Cube

Crochet might a lil too grandma-ish, but these cropped crochet cardi totally rock! Perfect for sunday brunches with family ( yours or his ). Just sneak a fancy coloured short or long-sleeved tee beneath it, and voila, you'll be looking as cute as a button and totally daughter-in-law material to boot!

Denim vests - Juwita

Ahhh vests, what's not to love about them? Any kind of vest would be a must-have item in a woman's closet. To eliminate the boring factor, these denim vests from comes in 2 colours, black and blue denim. With these vests, the possibilities are endless! ;)

Square Neck Knitted Tunic - PoppyGarden

These knitted tunic comes in 4 colours ( pink - as in pic / blue / purple / black ). Simple
yet stylish, it would go perfect with vests or on its own. Pair it up with skinny jeans or printed leggings, and sprinkle accessories to your own liking, you'll be looking fabolous minus the hassle of mixing and matching other clothes.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Intro :D

Hi people
When I created this blog, I knew that this would be one of my projects that I will appreciate the most. It will combine 2 of my passions, writing and shopping.
So, keep coming around, and feel free to drop the URL and names of your online shops, so that I could look around and promote what I like in your shops.
And shopaholics, hang in there, because I will start posting shortly after!

Things you need to know while spending time on The BFF Project

1) There will be more than one writer who will contribute to this blog. Currently there is two, but who knows, there might be more to come! ;) Feel free to contact the writers through the email addresses provided
2) The availability of the items featured are subject to stock and also the sellers. Please do visit the mentioned online shops to check out the items yourselves.
3) Readers/Buyers would be personally responsible for any purchases or transactions made concerning the items featured.

Happy shopping, people! ;)